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Swedish Massage Bristol

Also known as circulatory or relaxation massage, is the most famous type of massage. It is the base for other types of massages like Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, etc. Swedish Massage has been designed primarily to relieve tension and to take your body to a stage of relaxation.

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Deep Tissue Massage Bristol

This treatment can relieve myofascial pain but is also commonly applied to mitigate chronic aches and pain. As its name says, this technique works on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue and connective tissue. Book your appointment and get your tailored treatment.

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Massage Bristol

As you may know, stress affects many parts of your body due tension, leading to muscle pain and stiffness. I believe Massage Therapy helps mitigate the effects of our daily stressful lives and contributes with muscle rehabilitation and healing, and so, your body will leave the stress behind, regaining and maintaining a healthy balance in your life.

My goal, at Rehab and Heal, is to deliver a professional massage therapy session to you in order to help healing the muscle pain and stiffness and to help you getting back to active life. As a Certified Massage Therapist, I will help you to decrease your body pain.

As I got experience working in a state-of-the-art spa, I know how to provide a high-quality Swedish Massage and/or Deep Tissue Massage. I am confident in offering probably one of the best massages in Bristol.

Note that I’m not offering just skills as a practitioner, I am also encouraged to take care of you as a person, because I believe that often the issue it is not as visible as we think, so I want to help you to get in the path of an active and healthy lifestyle.

My massage practice in Bristol is well located near The Arches, in Cheltenham Road.

How to prevent sciatica nerve pain?

The sciatic nerve comes out the lumbar spine typically through the piriformis muscle. This is the piece of slice shaped muscle from the sacrum to the hip joint, it comes down the back of the leg and then to the front.

A person having an issue with the sciatic nerve, either inflammation or there is an impingement in the lumbar spine or the piriformis muscle is tense and presses on the nerve, may feel like pain numbness or weakness or tingling which start from all the way from the lower back.

I will give you three great tips to prevent sciatica. As stated before, sciatica is the pain that runs down the leg. Briefly, the cause of that pain is a disc, that has come out of its normal alignment and that is pressing on one of the nerves.

1. Maintain good alignment and posture

The posture is key to avoid sciatica pain. Many people work bending or seat long hours in their offices, etc. Those people are in an unfavourable alignment in their spine which allows the disc to pop out. So adopting a healthy posture by keeping it upright and the back straight will definitely make a difference in minimising sciatica pain.

2. Strength the core muscles

Core muscles protect your spine, so if you don't strengthen the muscles in your abdomen and in the back, what might happen when a force goes directly to your spine? Doing activities every day to make this area stronger, added to a good posture, will make a big difference.

3. Do the right movements on a daily basis

If you need to lift up an object from, for instance, from your car trunk, if that object is heavy it will be better putting your back in an alignment that will allow you to bend your knees and maintain your back straight and the object close to your body. Don't bend just your back, use the support of your knees, your thighs, and your upper extremity. You will be preventing problems. Whatever you lift, or every time you need to bend, even if you have been doing it wrong before in the day, try to do it right the next time, as when we get mature it is easier to get injured with bad postures and movements when lifting object, even if they are light, it can lead to back pain.

If you suffer from sciatica, and even following these tips you feel get easily injured, consider, first go to your GP to be correctly evaluated, and visit a Qualified Massage Therapist, who can offer you a tailored treatment to relieve sciatica pain.


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